Making money involves a fair bit of homework in today’s era. An investor or an active trader or any market participant should equip himself/herself with some advanced tools to get the maximum benefit out of the system. Technical and option trading is a unique course designed to keep in mind the need to provide practical knowledge to people related to the market who would like to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the domain of options trading with the help of technical analysis to manage their portfolio and enhance their returns. The principal objective behind this course is to bridge the gap between the participants and the opportunities available in the marketplace in different times. The strength of the course is its “Execution based learning” than theoretical knowledge only.


Option trading is fundamentally an instrument that is traded at the imitative segment in stock market. Option is a deal between the buyer and seller to buy or sell one or more lot of underlying asset at a fixed price on or before the expiry date of the contract. While buying an option one should contract the buyer has the right to exercise the option within the predetermined time period but he or she is not bound to exercise that option but if the buyer is eager to exercise the option the seller is bound to honor that contract. In option trading the price that is agreed up on for trading is called the strike price. There can be different underlying assets for which options are traded including stocks, Index, Commodity, derivative instrument like the future contract and so on. As per shareholder point of view there are double folded advantage in option trading. The influence of the option trading that allow you to control larger sum of undertakings with lesser deposits. In option trading you need much lower deposits, In order to process trade in option trading than investing or buying the same amount of asset utter. Apart from its influence, the option trading has lower risk that investment in cash segment or trading in the future contacts. As Options is one of the complex strategy which needs to be played after accruing good amount of knowledge, despite of having the complexity, options possess such characteristics that attracts traders to chip in and add options to their kitty. Few are the characteristics are mark below:

• Options are an inexpensive way to increase access to the underlying speculation without having to buy stock Options allow stockholders to stump up less money and obtain additional gain.

• Option terms trade on an exchange and as such are standardized.

• Options can be used to limit losses.

• Options may be used to boost a portfolio’s return.

• One can duplicate an actual stock portfolio with the options on those very shares.

• Terms of listed options are measured.

• Carters of option valuation include the volatility of the underlying asset upon which it is based; the time left until expiration, the level of interest rates and the extent to which the option is either in- or out-of-the-money

• Option holder’s choices at expiration-exercise the option, allow it to terminate or trade it prior to the Termination date


• Freshers who would like to build a rewarding career

• Brokers and Sub brokers who wish to enhance their product portfolio in low cost

• Portfolio managers desiring to add alpha to their portfolio with little leverage

• Day traders and Arbitrageurs who wants to maximize their returns with little extra effort

• Freshers who wish to create his/her own niche in the market

• Practicing chartered accountants with a keen interest in the markets.

• Branch managers and Relationship managers ADDED ADVANTAGE

• Spreadsheet – To conduct scenario analysis of different portfolios under various scenarios.

• Software – Learn to use easy and free software with real time feed.

• Library – Vast resources of research papers and books to help you understand.

• High end software Metastock,Falcon, Bloomberg,Option Oracle, Amibroker • Screen Management

Options Strategies for victorious Trading session is all about understanding the Art of Making Profits using Option Strategies in all market situations whether Bullish or Bearish. Our Training course will make you understand basics and all the essential Concepts in the Options Analysis, help you to learn to identify with the PCR Charts, Option Pain Charts which helps you to evaluate when and where to use what strategy and thereby trade profitably. At Option Shiksha we provides in-depth knowledge of options, financial market updates and market understandings for apprentice traders and expert professionals. We provide our traders with a full range of tools such as trading charts and real-time market data on major categories. We help you with detailed analyses of how this affect the global financial markets. Option Shiksha is a leading Learning Platform to know about the option trading that helps learner to open the mind frame and innovate various strategies to perform options trading in all kind of market conditions.